Backpacking burns thousands of calories a day, and so naturally, your body starts craving food. Lots of food. Almost anything tastes good in the backcountry, including, as it turns out, Annies Mac n Cheese - without butter or milk. Mmmmm. Scrumptious!
Powdered cheese and water!
Bon appetite!


03/04/2013 12:42pm

I love Annies! My favorite dinner is Thanksgiving though: instant stuffing, instant potatoes, craisins, veggies, and canned chicken. It's delicious and super good for you! It looks like you're having a blast, and I'm super jealous. Also, I hope it's warmer than it was in Georgia :)

03/04/2013 2:35pm

When Peter canoed the Allagash he devoured carrots with Ranch dressing - don't think either have passed his lips since then! tell your mom to buy you some high quality powdered milk. happy eating!

03/22/2013 4:48pm

I think I spot "puppy chow" in one of those pics! My oldest son is begging me to make some for him tonight. Always a favorite! I'm enjoying your story and your pictures. So glad you were able to get out of the weather for a few days. My son and I have just started buying all of our backpacking gear and are dreaming of that darn Appalachian Trail, which is why I'm stalking so many trail blogs! Good information about the appropriate gear and love the stories of all the people everyone is meeting. So excited for you! What an awesome adventure! As a mom, I must also say- stay safe, but have the time of your life! :-)


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