One of the wonderful things about spring (besides the warmth - still doesn't get old), is the company of all the critters that have come out of hiding from the winter cold! Chipmunks are in abundance, deer are out and about, the birds are singing, and the snakes are slithering! Yep, the snakes are slithering. After nearly stepping on one earlier in the day, Daypack and I arrived exhausted at the shelter ready for a good nights sleep. Unfortunately, it turned out that a four foot long black rat snake had the same exact plan. Half way through dinner, much to our surprise, we found that we had been chilling out with this slithery friend. After scampering from the shelter as fast as our legs could carry us, we quickly decided to forfeit the shelter and retreat. We hiked two more miles in the dark that night to find a campsite and just as we began to set up our tents the skies opened up over us. So in the end we spent a very wet and not so comfortable night in our tents, though free of reptilian friends!
All smiles!


05/22/2013 6:35pm

I hope you are having an awesome adventure I hope to hike the appalachian trail sometime in my life, I'm currently reading a walk in the woods and its so inspiring!! I'm going to HMI next semester in the fall and I'm really exited!! us mountain girls gotta stick together!! Good luck on the rest of your journey!!!! :) :) :)


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