So Remember how I told the entire world I was going to hike to Maine and thereby dooming myself to embarrassment if I don't? (thanks again Past Mary) well reality check. My new goal is to make it as far as I can, taking one day at a time. At the moment Katahdin is sort of like a bonus feature. Because I mean hey, it's the journey not the destination, right?


02/18/2013 9:24am

So very beautiful. NE Georgia and western NC -- one of my favorite areas of this planet. You are causing me to start to dream of the Mountains to Sea trail in NC

02/18/2013 11:28am

Mary, like Robin, I'm a friend of your mother's who LOVES the Appalachian Trail. I've hiked some of the peaks in NH and Maine. In addition, my son, a current high school senior, wanted to attend HMI but couldn't. Hiking the AT would be a wonderful experience for him so I'm reading and thinking. Good luck and I'm really looking forward to learning about your experiences.

02/18/2013 12:57pm

Could I be prouder? Not likely.

02/18/2013 1:10pm

You are so right!!

02/18/2013 3:20pm

wow - 2 days and you have already learned a lesson that some of us take years to learn - way to go girl!

Sara B
02/18/2013 3:21pm

Go Mary! So proud of you!

K Ryan
02/20/2013 10:34am

Is there a "Like" button on this blog?!? I love this - one day at a time is the way life should be approached ;) Hope you're getting warmer!!

02/22/2013 11:17am

Keep on truckin'--the Trail only gets better. It's a path to happiness. The way I always kept motivated were looking forward to the next climb and looking forward to the next rainstorm. The challenges ARE what makes the trail the trail... :)

02/25/2013 9:33am

wow, you started a thru hike really early. Have you met other thru hikers?


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