So happy to have my friend Matilda come join me on the AT for the next month! #HMIrepresent #cabin4lyfe


06/07/2013 7:19am

Hi, I work with your aunt Cathy and she told me about your hike! Amazing! I forwarded your blog address to my Dad, Frank Carlson, who is 93, a life-time Appalachian Mountain Club member, who started as a hut boy in I think, 1938...good luck and I will be following you!

Amelia Williams
08/12/2013 3:44pm

Hey Mary, I wasn't sure where to contact you because I couldn't find you on Facebook, but anyways I am so just unbelievably excited to have stumbled upon the blog of your gap-year. This sounds so crazy but I am a rising senior in Newton, MA (I know some people from my highschool who went to HMI as well!; I actually spent the spring semester of last year on a school-exchange trip in Chile but would have LOVED HMI and was really considering it!) and my gap-year plan is literally identical to yours. I am planning on WOOFing for the first bit, then travelling back to Chile for 2-ish months to visit my Chilean family, then heading off to solo-hike the AT. Anyways, I would just love to talk to you about everything if you would be into that, even just if you gave me a few tips about stuff, especially about the AT (I LOVE hiking and the outdoors and have always wanted to complete the AT.) If you would like to get in touch, my email is and i would just love to talk to you, really just hear anything about anything. You sound so awesome and I just am so impressed by your year last year!! Hopefully I'll hear from you soon, Amelia


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