Confession: so when I decided to hike the AT about two years ago now, I was sitting on the couch, under a blanket, by the fire, and reading a book about someone who hiked the trail. And, in my comfort, their adventure sounded pretty sweet! Warning: Don't make major life decisions on your couch by the fire. You're future self may suffer for it.
The thing Is, the fact that I'm going to go hike eight miles tomorrow in the mountains with a thirty pound pack just doesn't sound as appealing now that it's tomorrow and not just sometime in the vague future. Thank you Past Mary.

So I prepared most fittingly this past week by sitting by the fire some moreee, and watching all of the Lord of the Rings movies plus their special features disks and inhaling birthday cake. I found this experience gave me a great deal of perspective on my situation, for unlike Frodo, I go into the wilderness without the ring of power, nor with ring wraiths chasing me, so really my endeavor is a piece of cake. Must count my blessings.

So this morning I embarked for Georgia. Upon arriving at my home airport I promptly realized I had forgotten my smart wool long sleeved shirt, only just minorly essential in braving winter temperatures. It is what it is. But other than that I arrived very uneventfully! I did get to share the Atlanta airport though with just about all of the cheerleaders in the world, as this weekend apparently happens to be nationals. Dont worry, I fit right in with my hobo look (complete with wool socks and crocks).

Anyhoo, the point is, I start hiking tomorrow, and I can hardly wait!


02/16/2013 6:19am

Hi Mary! I'm a friend of your Mom's and I'll be reading about your journey and cheering you on. (No relationship to the young women in the Atlanta airport.) Hope your first days on the trail are great ones.

Caroline Dezen
02/17/2013 6:39am

Hi Mary! Love that trendsetting look - so cute! I'm your neighbor from Pokonoket. Not sure if anyone has warned you but careful of meteors!

Caroline Dezen


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