Made it out of NC and TN in the past few days! Now in the sweet land of ol' Hawaii, I mean Virginia! With all the crappy weather we've been having, we have all been daydreaming about Virginia as a magical land of flatness and warmth. I guess we'll have to see if it lives up to our expectations!! The cool thing about Virginia though is that it makes up about 1/4 of the trail, so when we finally make it out, I will be 1000 miles in and 1/2 way done! Yahoo!
Aloha, Hawaii!
While in NC on a really cold and snowy day:
Al: "So Hawaii is on the AT right? It goes NC, TN, HI, VA?"


Nancy Marshall
03/28/2013 7:18pm

Peyton has done this part of the trail and said the same, "It's a long trail in Virginia". You have accomplished so much and we are grateful for your smiles and news as you take us along, albeit virtually!

Kathryn Jensen
03/29/2013 5:49am

You can tell by the angle of the sun in this pic that it should be warm. I hope Virginia lives up to the expectations. I've been obsessively following the weather with you along the trail and thinking warm thoughts. Go Mary!

Geri Potter
03/29/2013 6:38am

WOW Mary! You are 'hoofin' ' it!! Thanks for the updates and enjoy Virginia!! HAPPY EASTER, sweetie!!


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