Spent Easter Easter egg hunting for white blazes and celebrated by hitting the 500 mile mark in the Grayson highlands, which, are absolutely beautiful! Definitely my favorite section of the trail so far - I felt like a hobbit traversing Middle Earth. Yeah. It was that epic.

The next day Al and I busted out the miles by hiking a 30 mile day to a shelter where you can order delivery pizza to (be jealous).

"Yes I would like two large pizzas delivered to 530 Appalahian Trail st. Virginia. Yeah, at the corner of big rock and pine tree. Thanks so much!"



04/03/2013 5:38am

Fascinating. I'd love to read an entire book of your experiences on the trail.

04/05/2013 11:13am

Wow, 30 miles, that's moving fast. Did you have Pizza motivation? i.e did you know you could have Pizza if you got there.
VeryNice day.

04/08/2013 7:03pm

I absolutely loved the Grayson Highlands... an absolute gem. By general consensus it was a whole lot of people's favorite areas on the whole trail. Keep truckin'...!


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