(dramatic pause)
Excuse me while I go pee from excitement. 

Even though it is way beyond exciting, I will admit, that after buying the deluxe edition on itunes and immediately listening to it, I actually. . . didn't like it all that much. I know. Major crisis. Huge let down. After spending approximately 4.8 minutes being sad about it though, I then decided that I was going to
force myself to like it by listening to it nonstop. Perfect plan right? And guess what? It actually worked! Crisis averted! I am in love. White dress, black tux, ring and all, in love. I would attempt to write a review of the album so I could share my feelings more acutely, but my music knowledge is so negligible that 1. No one would be able to follow my train of thought because I know a grand total of zero music terms, resulting in 2. Me embarrassing myself to the nth degree. 

So, I thought I would share my friend Mariah's thoughts on the matter who I happen to agree with wholeheartedly.  

"Lyrically genius and chocked full of angst. The vocal harmonies at the times of minimal instrumentals are fantastic. The addition of different instruments (more piano, more strings, much more dobro) mixes up the sound a bit without losing what makes Mumford, Mumford. I really like the piano in Hopeless Wander, but not so much in Lover of the Light. On the whole the album is a little bit more hardcore, continuing the sounds of Dust Bowl Dance from Sigh no More, which was my least favorite song on that album. Though I do think there is a good mixing in of softer sounds within the album as a whole and within each song. All in all, I like it so much that I can't listen to it while studying because I get distracted." - Mariah Foley

My Summer was actually full of great music. I had the chance to see The Head and the Heart, as well as the Lumineers/Old Crow Medicine Show concert. Both were absolutely phenomenal. I even received a little 
bonus life lesson at the Lumineers concert that I thought I would pass on to you now:

What not to do when you are sober and underage at a concert...
1. Hand the bouncer your credit card when he asks for your ID.
2. When the bouncer looks at you funny and asks if you are drunk, do not get super frazzled and say "I don't know where I am." This will only confirm his suspicions of alcohol consumption. 
3. When he looks at you astonished and says "you're drunk!" do not try to convince him that you are sober by saying repeatedly, "I swear to god I'm not drunk." This is not an effective way of convincing him otherwise.

Luckily, the bouncer was so kind as to let me in anyhow. And with any luck, ahem common sense, you won't make these mistakes, and enjoy a good and uneventful concert.
Old Crow Medicine Show
Me and my friend, Matilda at the Lumineers/O.C.M.S.

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