Breaking news! Orcs spotted yesterday in Sudbury. Orcs (human-like creatures, generally described as fierce and combative, with grotesque features and often black, grey, or greenish skin - wikipedia.org) have not been spotted since the time of Middle Earth. Investigators are simply flummoxed by their unexpected and unexplained appearance, and are reminding the public to stay alert. "Hide your kids, hide your wife!" was the urgent message sent from the state police department yesterday to all homes in the area, reminding everyone of the dangerous nature of Orcs. Streaming live updates will be sent to the public on this urgent matter.

Update on Orcs:
State police made a public announcement this morning that what were thought to be Orcs, were none other than farmers. A sheepish chief state trooper explained that "It was an honest mistake, and nothing is more important to us than the safety of our fellow citizens." While Orcs and Farmers do have similar characteristics in hygiene standards, it turns out that little else is in common. Organic farmers are a rare breed of human-like creatures, and are generally described as somewhat crazy, with sunburnt features and often dirty skin. Their natural habitat is farmland, and they can often be found wearing jeans, muck boots, t-shirts, and straw hats. As it turns out, the day they were spotted and mistaken for Orcs they were picking tomatoes, which is the crop responsible for turning their hands black and green - the trademark feature of Orcs. 



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