Cool mornings. Fields dripped with dew. Cozy sweaters. Hint of changing leaves. Fresh apples. Light breeze. Warm sun. Clean air. Shafted sunlight. Fall has officially arrived. Meaning. . .

There are few things better than cider donuts. In fact, I really can't think of anything at the top of my head right now. Just picture: hot cider donuts straight from the oven, sprinkled with a dusting of fine sugar. Mmm-mm! Now that's what I call tasty. 

And so, with Fall on all of us farmers' radars, it was really only a matter of time before we had to appease our cravings of these disgustingly delicious sweets. Insert last Sunday. With a small crew of about eight, we decided together that a field trip during lunch was in order to our local orchard, Honey Pot (aka Heaven on Earth). I mean really, we thought to ourselves, what could be better on a perfect Fall day?

Not much apparently. The rest of the world seemed to share the same exact sentiment. 

Half a mile away from the orchard and we are confronted with bumper-to-bumper traffic. Completely shocked, and worried that we won't make it back in time within our lunch break we proceed to brainstorm solutions to speed up the process. We could ditch the truck and walk, we could run for it, if we had a kayak we could paddle on the river to it, or we could pretend like we work there and make everyone get out of the way. We decided to run for it. 
Hopping from the car, Scott and Meg put on a brilliant display of their athletic prowess by running the remaining half mile to the orchard where they were to stake out a spot in the cider donut line. Fifteen minutes later, and the rest of us arrive to find Scott and Meg in line with about thirty people in front of them. Super. Unfortunately, ten minutes later and we were no nearer to the order window than we were to Australia. So, hearts dripping with disappointment, we admit defeat, and head back to the truck empty-handed.

BUT, have no fear! On our drive back to the farm we passed by crowded soccer fields with none other than an ice cream truck! Our dessert cravings were saved! So we happily stopped, paid, and enjoyed our ice cream. 


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