Photo by: Meg
Today I would like to give some insight on an important aspect of farm life: farmer's brain. 

Farmer's brain is a common term used on the farm to describe when a farmer goes off the deep end, whether it be due to too much sun exposure, excessive farming, or really just about anything. Now on Sunday, after a long day of harvesting, we capped it all off with a huge sunflower harvest. And when I say huge, I mean astronomical. I'm talking a million sunflowers. Literally. We are really good at growing sunflowers. 
Now to give some background on how sunflower harvests work, there is typically one person who stays back at the truck and organizes all the sunflowers beautifully into buckets. Everyone else is divided into cutters and runners: cutters who go down the rows cutting the ripe sunflowers, and runners who follow behind the cutters collecting handfuls of sunflowers before running them back to the truck. 

Now with 2.5 hours of sunflowers before us, night fast approaching, farmer's brain, and some nice cider, really anything was fair game. 

As a runner that night, I decided it would be a great idea to take my job quite literally. I ran. Actually ran, back and forth between the cutters and the truck for about half-an-hour. Realizing after thirty minutes that this was not an effective way of conserving my energy, I decided to instead practice tai chi every time I got back to the truck. Meanwhile, my coworkers were busy talking in British accents, singing disney songs loudly and badly, conversing in fake arguments, and partaking in a number of other not-normal activities. As a professional sunflower runner I decided to challenge myself by abandoning my traditional carriage method and instead hugged the sunflowers, meaning I could carry a lot more, but at the risk of having many casualties. Other highlights of the night included Joydita's farmer parody to "I'll Make a Man out of You," Scott and my's power nap in the middle of the wheelrow, and Dan convincingly arguing that sunflowers should be free like birds whilst chucking them into the air. 

Sometimes we need to get together and be crazy in order to stay sane. 
The Finished Product - Photo by: Will


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