Believe it or not, but farming twelve hours a day leaves a farmer rather hungry. Crazy, huh? Who woulda thunk it. Have no fear though! Your farmers do not go famished. Nope, we want to stay well energized to harvest your food, and so, have come up with the ultimate solution to solve the plight of empty-stomachs: Eating. 
1. Communal week old bread with flies around it? No problem! Slap a mezze spread on it, close your eyes, and you'll hardly notice. Mmm-mm.
2. Sun Gold tomatoes sprayed with copper? Taste the rainbow.
3. Half-eaten cookie resting on a dirty truck seat? Your lucky day! Go for it.
4. Unwashed carrot covered in dirt? Eat fresh!
5. Amazingly scrumptious and delicious Sofra cookies? = JollyFarmer.


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