Well, this is it. In exactly 5 hours and 13 minutes I will be departing for Panama City, Panama. Holy cow is right. How did this happen?! (If you know the answer to that question, PLEASE fill me in, I am dying to know). I spent the majority of today stressed, anxious, terrified, tired, and about every other emotion in between. At lunch I ran away from home, back to the farm, and promptly decided to work there that afternoon. When 7 o'clock rolled around I seriously considered setting up camp in the little barn and staying there until the end of time. Who said anything about leaving? 

See the problem is, I am slightly addicted to adventure. I am constantly looking for the next great thing, and am always eager to try new things. Yet I always seem to conveniently forget the minor detail that I am TERRIBLE at transitions. Settling in somewhere is not my forte, and leaving is even worse. Yet, the majority of experiences that I find most fulfilling are the ones with a finite time attached. Sigh. 

All fear aside (with some difficulty), I am excited to go. I have never been to Central America before, and am eager to explore a new part of the world. I expect to meet some spectacular people, eat some scrumptious food, and partake in super fun activities such as surfing, service, rafting, zip-lining, learning Spanish, and who knows what else! I'm ready for something new, and eager to meet whatever is coming my way. 

So adios for now, but just for now.

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