Feet pounding. Ball flying. Sweat dripping. Red cards flying. Fans screaming. Soccer.
Just kidding. The other day we visited the Maleku tribe where we played a good ol' game of soccer against the locals. It was a lot of fun, and a good game of soccer, but there were no screaming fans. Rather we got to play on a janky pitch where the goals were made out of trees, huge mud puddles occupied the middle of the field, and where barefeet were the preferred choice of footwear. I loved it.

Having played competitive soccer for most of my life, I decided against playing in college. While I do like to win, and like good soccer, I find that I truly love soccer because it's fun. I don't need coaches, refs, or regulation-sized fields. I don't need uniforms, expensive cleats or score boards. I find I have the most fun when I play a casual game with a great group of people. 
After an hour of tireless play, the game was called, and we proved victorious! 
(with the help from Maleku tribe members on our team). 

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