Last weekend marked the third and final installment of my Weekend Crazies. After work, I took off immediately to catch a bus to Skidmore College to visit my little hobbit friend, Jill (she's short) and Rachel - both from HMI. After surviving 3 bus transfers and a taxi ride, I finally arrived at the Skidmore campus at 1 AM, a little tired, a little worn, but otherwise unscathed. 
Greeted by Jill, she began talking a mile a minute as she usually does, filling me in on the going ons at Skidmore and current updates of the night. We had been planning on going out, but due to some previous shenanigans, our plans were foiled, and so instead we opted for bed. An idea that I was none too disappointed about. 

The rest of the weekend turned out to be pretty nice and relaxing, and to tell the truth, I really have nothing interesting to say about it. I partook in activities such as napping, eating, watching Hercules (I had never seen it before!), going on walks on nearby trails, and helping Jill with her homework, aka distracting her as she drew trees with a stick and ink for her environmental freshman seminar class. 
All in all, it was a lovely weekend, and I will miss them both dearly when I depart for Central America. 
Me, Jill and Rachel in the wilds of Skidmore


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