My life for the past few days have not been real. I'm sure of it. It's been a dream. Or someone else's life that I some how barged in on (sorry to whoever that is). You see, the past few days I have spent in the jungle, on a mountain, in Costa Rica, surrounded by WATERFALLS. See, I told you, not real life. 

So what have we been doing on said mountains? Well my friend, that is a very good question. Basically we have been playing Tarzan for the past 48 hours. 

This would include:
1. Rappelling down 150 foot waterfalls (see below). 
2. Hiking to the top of a mountain.
3. Cliff-jumping into pools of water.
4. Sleeping in a cave at the base of a waterfall.
I'm not so sure if I could pinpoint a favorite part of the trip to be honest. The rappelling was a tad scary, but mostly a blast (right before I went down, they decided they had to "fix" my rope for about 20 minutes - real comforting), but I managed to calm down by repeating to myself that I would be "laughing," "killing it," and "crushing it" the whole time all while singing "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. Try it sometime, it works wonders.

Nope, the cliff-jumping was by far the scariest thing I did. It took me about an hour to get myself to jump twenty feet into the watery depths below and a whole lot of peer pressure. In the end I did it, and dealt with my panic by screaming the whole 1.2 seconds down. 
Sleeping in the cave was nothing short of magical. We spent the evening in each others company in the light of candles with the steady drone of the waterfall rushing away behind us. 

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