Hola mis amigos! Yo tengo los clases de Espanol para cuatro horas, todos los dias. A mi me gusta las clases, pero yo hablo espanol un poco.
Translation: Hello my friends! I have Spanish classes for four hours every day. I like the classes, but I can only speak a little Spanish.

Check that out! I've been really enjoying my Spanish classes here (they are held outside! So cool!) even though they are incredibly long. It's crazy to think about my classes in high school which were 45 minutes and held 4 times per week, making a grand total of 3 hours per week. MEANING I study more Spanish in a day here than I did in a week back home! Es muy loco!

Over the past few years I have found that it's a lot more interesting to study a subject when you have a background to apply it to. This especially holds true for languages. I've been really eager to learn Spanish while I'm here (I wish I was fluent) so that I could actually converse with the people I'm surrounded by. I guess I'll just have to keep practicing! AKA Yo necessito practicar.

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